Productive prevention of interruptions
Monitor and alarm on minor software or hardware situations that can lead to activity interruptions.
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Proactive prevention of failures

Intervenee before it's too late

Spot small problems that may lead to bigger problems. In case of 'no space' errors or not working antivirus protection, an application crashes or a hard-drive SMART protection needs to be replaced.

Planning is cheaper

Waiting for a user to call or workstation to fail means no predictability of your IT support activity. Actually a little bit of chaos. Start proactively your daily routine by solving your user's problems.

Decrease unpredictable costs

Solving before it happens means fewer expensive onsite interventions. And fewer support calls as well. No need to rush to a VIP user? That supports v2.0!

Make your users more productive

You're a star! Easily spot which workstations are running slow and optimize or upgrade them in order to increase employees' productivity.