Keep full track of your IT assets
Identify exactly what you own, monitor in real-time and track every asset based on QR code solution.
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Take better, informed decisions

Stay up-to-date

Real time, live tracking of your IT assets. See who is using them, where your IT assets are located and spot any configuration change in real time.

Increase assets life-span

Easy spot low cost, high gain upgrades opportunities. Longer use your current assets and better serve your users for increase productivity.

Never lose track

Employ a modern approach for keeping your inventory in complete order by applying a live tracking QR code tag of each of your assets.

Alarm on specific conditions

Never let any customer request step out of your SLA. Set your own alarms and be informed on the delivery. Use complete reports of your team performance.

Monitor on-the-go

Use the mobile smart app (Android and iOS) in order to retrieve complete inventory information while mobile, including complete ownership history of the asset or live parameters when matched with Softsee and Proactivitee solutions.