Download EaseeHelp Mobile App

Be mobile and get faster IT Support

Send a ticket to your IT support team, with simple and easy steps

Download and install EaseeHelp Mobile App with one click from Google Play or AppStore. Insert your phone number to get assigned an identity and start using the app for your IT needs. Quickly send a ticket for any IT incident you have and benefit from increased mobility with the EasseHelp app.

Get help from your system administrator or the remote team

Through the mobile app, you have 3 possibilities to get the IT support you need: call your system administrator, call the IT Support Center or simply insert a ticket describing the incident. Whatever the chosen method, you will be immediately assisted with your IT request by an IT specialist. With the mobile app, you will get faster IT support and your problems will receive the best solution in no time.

Send snapshots with the IT situation and your geo location

For a better resolution of your IT incident, the mobile app allows you to send pictures with your problem. As well, sending your geo location is an important advantage for an exact localization, if your problem needs a physical intervention. Benefit from advanced features and step forward for an improved IT support while mobile.

Monitor your IT requests in real time and give feedback

You can now monitor your ticket and follow its path in real time – how quickly it was handled, the estimated time for intervention and what was the solution needed. All these information, along with your tickets history are available in your app. When resolved, give a real feedback for the manner your IT request was managed.