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Control your customer interaction
Lead jump your customers satisfaction. Easy provide real-time feedback forms.
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Manage the software you use and own
Control licensing usage. Prevent unnecessary software installation on your network.
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Keep full track of your IT assets
Identify exactly what you own, monitor in real-time and track every asset based on QR code solution.
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Productive prevention of interruptions
Monitor and alarm on minor software or hardware situations that can lead to activity interruptions.
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IT more organized
Find out how Optimum Desk can provide you with more useful results.
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Download EaseeHelp Mobile App
Be mobile and get faster IT Support.
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The complete solution for better management of your IT stuff

Designed for system integrators, solution providers and MSP, our complete solution allows you to generate new business from your existing customers, to maximise your operations efficiency and leap-jump your customer satisfaction, while maximising your margins.

You achieve this using a proved solution (designed from the ground-up by succesfull MSPs) that monitors, controls and manages all your IT support activities for one or up to thousands of SMB networks that diferentiates your business dramatically from your competition and allows you to stay on top of your service providing territory.


Choose the best solution to match your customers’ needs

Complete your hardware and software packages with Optimum Desk solution, specifically designed for an easy management and implementation. Our solutions come up with a perfect mix of benefits in order to fulfill your customer needs: decreased IT costs, complete inventory of IT assets, control over customer interaction and control over licensing and software usage. Succeed in matching your customers’ demands with the existing products, for a better and lasting business relationship.

Complete your solutions package and become an indispensable partner

In order to meet your customers future needs, you can now complete your services and solutions package with a complete set of solutions – Optimum Desk which consists of Easeedesk, Proactivitee, Softsee and Inventory. Advance to the next level in the business market and become a professional IT Solutions Provider, able to deliver a complete set of solutions with an added-value to its present and future customers.

Provide your professional support to your customers IT daily needs

As a Managed Service Provider, your mission is to provide an excellent professional support for your customers, from managing the networks to taking care of their IT systems. Optimum Desk is a cloud-based solution specifically designed to offer MSP an easy-to-use and functional tool to proactively monitor and control the IT activities of its clients. Through a reliable and trustful solution for a better IT management, you contribute to your business development as well to your customers’ growth.

Propel your business growth through an easy to manage set of solutions

Optimum Desk is designed for SMBs IT managers or CEOs who wants to have full control over IT activities and need an easy-to-manage set of solutions to handle by themselves. The accessibility and full availability become in this context important features to take into account, features that Optimum Desk provide to the highest level. IT processes become easier and SMBs can now rely on a performing IT department with a great results delivery.